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If you're ready for something different, I'm ready to help you achieve it.

I’m Emma and I love working with people going through changes and challenges.

I coach people with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, burnout and people with ADHD.

Brain fog, anxiety and stress are transformed by understanding and finding you’re not alone.

I help people find their way forward to life with clarity and balance. This is achieved through working with your creativity to rediscover your strengths and come up with a plan. Art and image making along with journalling are central to this process, connecting you to your heart's desire. 

Come and have fun as you move towards your goals!

I’d like to invite you to enter a space of possibility. Explore where your “inner compass” will take you. Who knows what’s around the corner?

You will gain:

  • Clarity about who you are and what you want.
  • Confidence from learning how to set appropriate boundaries.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress from understanding how emotions are information and how to regulate them to reduce overwhelm.
Portrait of Emma in doorway
Emma with a horse

If you feel like you’ve lost sight of the “Real You” and are struggling to find the confidence to do what makes you happy did you know that Coaching can bring long term transformation to reconnect with your dreams and purpose?

Following my life long passion for horses I realise how their wisdom supports learning even if you have no experience of horses.

Through trust, respect and choice this wisdom teaches:

  • Communication and collaboration.
  • How to hold boundaries in a non violent way.
  • How to use non verbal communication/ body language.
  • A harmonious way of being.

Shine in your life and blossom as the unique individual that you are!

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  • “Not knowing quite what to expect and without a specific goal in mind, I started my mentoring sessions with an open mind. Emma instantly put me at ease. On a professional level she was patient, caring and intuitive, her friendly, relaxed manner left me looking forward to our next meeting........I honestly felt like I was chatting with an old friend. As I learned, coaching/mentoring can benefit any aspect of your life, from something as simple as to why you haven't started that exercise class yet. I thoroughly enjoyed our chats too, the fact that they have led onto something that will hopefully be life changing for me (no exaggeration) is an absolute credit to you, again, thank you.”

    J.T UK

  • “I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Emma. Emma has an exceptional talent of holding a safe and non- judgemental space. This allowed me to explore deep, and at times confronting thoughts. It was incredible to commence some of our sessions on a superficial, inconsequential topic and then dig deeper and explore meaningful and core beliefs and thoughts. Discovering these core beliefs and thoughts allowed for moments of great clarity and the opportunity to understand and take the steps to make the positive changes I am seeking. Without Emma’s great listening and reflective skills, I don’t believe that I would have been able have reached these realisations. It is like Emma just shines the light on these gem thoughts all the while I, as the client, am in the lead and control of my own discovery and expedition. I am excited to continue my self -exploration with Emma by my side.”

    P.W. Australia

  • “Emma has always been positive, encouraging and challenging at times. She doesn’t just say do this, this and that and it will all come right, she listens to you, very patiently, and then asks you some questions about how you might have felt at the time, or what you felt you did right/wrong, what you might have done instead – provoking questions that help you to process your thoughts, feelings and actions. This is followed by other questions along the lines of ‘what would you like to have happened, what do you think you could have said/done instead? And ‘what would make you feel better about this situation; what could you do to achieve this goal? ‘She offered positive comments, pointing out things you’ve done already that you should congratulate yourself on; ‘be kind to yourself’. Emma always leaves the session on a positive note with some ideas or suggestions for you to ask yourself or work on till the next session. I can’t praise or thank her enough, but I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing a sympathetic, caring ear with great discernment and much positive encouragement.”

    C.R. UK

  • “For anyone like myself, who has never considered coaching, give it a go”


  • From the off Emma was very open and relaxed, she was great at helping me work through things in ways I never thought I would. She didn’t stick to one technique or one style but used several different methods that I could easily relate to and use daily if required. Working with the horses - due to having no equine experience initially I was a little unsure but by the second session I was absolutely hooked. The experience is like nothing else; it strips back so many things and allows you to form a connection with the horse, built solely from trust and boundary setting. As you relate the experiences back to your own set of issues and emotional state, it becomes very thought provoking. As the sessions built so did my understanding and self-awareness, some things that were initially very unclear or I just didn’t get, began to fall into place. Making me feel a lot more positive about things I could or couldn’t change/control, or question if I really wanted or needed to.