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ADHD Coaching

An image illustrating the effects of ADHD on a person

I like the ADD Coach Academy’s definition of ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a unique brain wiring which requires engaged interest with a clear, purposeful intention in order to activate and access attention so an individual can manage the brain’s executive functioning.

Coaching has transformed my vision of who I am and how I can succeed in my own way - it could transform yours too! Discovering I have ADHD brain wiring has made sense of my life - finally. Now I understand why I have felt like a round peg in a square hole. It explains why I feel I have never fulfilled my potential and why I find it hard to complete tasks.

I believe in Trust, Respect and Choice - three things that we can give ourselves.

Together we will work out a personal plan to support you to start, work on and attain your goals.

It’s easy to focus on weakness and failings due to our all too human negative bias, but I’m here to help you identify your strengths and successes, building on what you’re already great at - and there’s more than you think!

No brain is the same. No brain is the best.

Each brain finds its own special way. - Ed Hallowell

Graphic with words Trust, Respect, Choice
Shine in Your Life as You Overcome Challenges and Reconnect with Yourself

Accountability can help with focus and I’ll be there waiting to hear how you have got on and celebrate with you.

Just having space to talk about how ADHD challenges you is very healing, and having someone listen deeply can make all the difference.

Come along and meet me at the ADHDUK Support Group on the second Thursday of the month

I work on online so wherever you are in the World we can connect.

I do in person sessions and offer Equine Facilitated Personal Development sessions in the beautiful North York Moors.

I have ADHD specific coach training with ADDCA and work with adults with ADHD and those supporting people with ADHD.

Let's talk